Probate & Trust
  • Documenting the value of assets as of the date of death
  • Paying creditors
  • Filing all court forms
  • Filing all necessary tax returns
  • Accounting for all estate expenditures
  • Assist in distributing shares to your heirs

Planning an estate is only the first step. At Bardy Law, we use training, practical knowledge and experience to process the estate through either probate or trust administration.

Bardy Law, together with a CPA specializing only in tax returns for trusts or decedents, works to cover all the bases in estate administration including valuing the assets, paying creditors, filing all necessary tax returns, accounting for all estate expenditures and ultimately distributing shares to your heirs.

If you have experienced a recent death in your family and have a question, please provide a few specifics and we will arrange a no obligation consultation.