Mergers & Aquisitions

At Bardy Law, we help clients purchase or sell their small businesses.

In many instances, a client is selling a business to a third party or purchasing a business from a third party. At Bardy Law, we can help you through the process of purchasing or selling a business by helping you with an asset purchase agreement, a sale of stock, or a merger between two entities. Our understanding of tax law helps us guide you to a good result: a) from an economic standpoint; b) by limiting liability from past practices in the business; and, c) from a tax standpoint.

Many of our clients are also transitioning a business to the next generation while keeping the business in the family. In these situations, the parents desire to receive the value for the business they have built and controlling the management of the company while transitioning to the next generation of ownership. In many instances, not all of the children are actively engaged in the business and out a of a sense of fairness, parents look to us to advise on ways to maintain fairness as defined by the parents.