Estate Information Form

Download as PDFWHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS FORM, please return it to our office or bring it along to your scheduled office conference. We rely upon the information you provide us to be accurate and complete in all respects. If the information is not accurate and complete, the recommendations we make may not be appropriate for your situation. The workbook is designed to make your meeting more efficient by helping you think about some of the issues that concern you prior to the meeting.

This form has been prepared for general use. You will find this workbook is too long and too short. It is too long because many of the questions will not apply to your situation. Please ignore those questions. The workbook is too short because many of the questions that do apply leave inadequate space for your answers. Please supplement the workbook as necessary with additional documents or sheets of paper. If you need help or have any questions, please don′t hesitate to call.

Thank You

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