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From time to time our firm will post an article dealing with a general issue faced by our clients or a specific issue addressing new law that has passed that affects our clients. From time to time, we will cite what appear to be real life examples. In all cases, these real life examples are based upon actual cases we have worked on but the names and facts will have been changed.

The law is a constantly evolving area. In the U.S. all law builds on past law. However, the way law works is changed from time to time by new case law, new statutes passed by a state or the federal government or new technology that transforms the way existing law is applied.

Please pick topics that interest you for this page. Our practice is busy but we will do our best to provide timely (and timeless) articles dealing with issues that our clients are concerned about.

WCCO – Prince Update 5-19-17

There was another development in the Prince Estate and Rick was asked to speak on WCCO again, last Sunday, May 21st, 2017. A judge made a key ruling in the PRINCE ESTATE CASE on Friday. Just click on the following to hear my response on the ruling:…/5-21-17-jearlyn-steele-7pm/…

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WCCO – Prince

  I’ve attached a link to an appearance I had on the Jearlyn Steele radio show on WCCO regarding Prince from Sunday night, May 1st, that you can listen to, if you want. My segment is near the end of the 7:00 hour slot. I don’t know if you’ve followed the Prince story through the […]

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